Publisher : Le Lombard
Writer(s) : Le Lay Delphine
Artist(s) : Horellou Alexis
Genre : Drama
Target group : 15+
Available titles : 1 x 104 pages

A road-movie graphic novel.
David, a sales representative, has just been offered a promotion. After a week spent far away from his family, he takes to the road to head home for the weekend. It's raining, and David doesn't feel so good. When he stops to try and get himself together, Emma, a quirky hitchhiker, makes a dive for his car. Not exactly what he'd planned, but given the dreadful weather, he accepts to share the road with this passenger who turns out to have opinions and a way of life entirely opposite to his own. During this tough trip full of pitfalls, David becomes aware of the possibility of an alternative way of living, and starts to waver between two extremes. What will be his final choice?

Available titles