Emma et Capucine
Publisher : Dargaud Benelux
Writer(s) : Hamon Jérôme
Artist(s) : Sayaphoum Lena
Genre : Action & Adventure, Girls' Comics
Target group : 9+
Available titles : 2 x 56 pages

Emma and Capucine are sisters. They dream of getting in to the prestigious dance school, l'Opéra de Paris, to become top dancers together. They audition. Capucine gets through, but Emma doesn't. Emma feels like the world is caving in around her. But maybe it's time for her to explore other paths. Her dad encourages her to find something new, but her mom can't imagine her doing anything other than dance. As for Capucine, just the idea of carrying on alone is a huge challenge. But Emma soon discovers new horizons through hip-hop...

Available titles