Les Reflets changeants
Publisher : Le Lombard
Writer(s) : Mermilliod Aude
Artist(s) : Mermilliod Aude
Genre : Drama
Target group : 12+
Available titles : 1 x 200 pages

Nice, mid-summer. Twenty-something Elsa can't decide which man she wants. One of them probably isn't right for her anymore, and the other is terribly unlike what she's used to. Fifty-year-old train conductor Jean has always wanted to travel the world. But when Alda came along a little earlier than he planned, he was forced to put his dreams on hold. Emile lost his hearing during the Algerian War. Now in his eighties, he is becoming increasingly frustrated by the silent world he lives in. These are three strangers whose paths will cross over the course of a summer, three lives brought together by the trains and railways that wend their way through the south of France.

Available titles