Quête de l'Oiseau du Temps (La)
Publisher : Dargaud
Writer(s) : Le Tendre Serge
Artist(s) : Loisel
Genre : Fantasy & Esoteric
Target group : 12+
Available titles : 4 x 48 pages

Once upon a time, aeons ago, in the Kingdom of Akbar, lived an evil king called Ramor; his brothers had succeeded in emprisoning him in a conch shell. Mara, a witch-princess, while reading a book of spells, discovers that only the Time Bird can seal the shell for ever. Knight Bragon, formerly betrothed to Mara, leaves to search for the Time Bird, taking with him Mara's beautiful daughter, Pelisse. This is how begins this fantastic saga, in the tradition of The Hobbit. Knight Bragon and Pelisse are to confront many dangers and live through many adventures in order to fulfill their quest for the fabulous Time Bird. A cycle of four albums, written by Serge Letendre and illustrated by Régis Loisel, followed by a new cycle illustrated by Régis Loisel & Lidwine.

Available titles