Publisher : Dargaud
Writer(s) : Alex Alice
Artist(s) : Alex Alice
Genre : Fantasy & Esoteric
Target group : 12+
Available titles : 3 x 168 pages

Son of a mortal and a Valkyrie, Siegfried is taken in by Mime, one of the last of the Nibelungs. He will grow up ignorant of gods and of men. For Mime wants to use Siegfried to take on Fafnir, the giant who holds the gold of the Rhine river, and only 'he who does not know fear' can re-forge the Valkyrie sword broken by Odin, and use it to defeat Fafnir. Siegfried will succeed intuitively where others have failed.

This series is based on the legend of the Nibelung, a Germanic and Norse myth that inspired Richard Wagner to create his opera, and J.R.R. Tolkien and his epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings.

Available titles